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About Mountains Beans

Exceptional coffee can only come from exceptional beans.

We offer a wide range of various coffee beans to pick from that are shipped straight from our farms to your door. We have carefully selected small farms in Colombia and the Ecuatorial Zone mountains where they have direct relationships with the farmers. We strive to continue to work with the best products to ensure that you receive the best cup of coffee possible. These Colombian Coffee Beans are 100% natural, grown and harvested at a farm whose soil is perfect for coffee growth. Mountains Beans bring to you the Colombian coffee beans directly from the farms. 

Mountains Beans, Our beans are different from regular beans. At every step, we go to great lengths to make sure our beans meet the highest standard of quality. Direct from the farms of South America, Mountains Beans offers gourmet coffee beans for brewing your favorite cup of coffee. In South America, unlike in other parts of the world where coffee is mainly cultivated, coffee beans are planted on mountainsides for cultivation. The climate on these mountains is perfect to produce a mild and sweet brew with low acid background.

We accept all types of payments once you select your favorite products. Our Payment Hub is Telr secured with NCB bank with high security and compliance. 

Payments Hubs: Telr (Mada, VISA, MasterCard, AMX, PayPal…), Wire Transfer, Cash and Point of Sales swiping. 

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